Hikari Solar

Hikari Solar provides integrated efficient energy solutions and renewable energy products and services.

Supporting renewable energy promotion and green energy projects’ development in different countries, Hikari Solar positions itself as a firm strongly committed with sustainable development and supporting environmental programs. Considering the current energy dependency and increasing threat from the global climatic change, our company aims to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come as well as clean energy policies’ implementation, particularly in countries with high renewable development potential.

Being an active player on the environmental field, Hikari Solar is an internationally-oriented business, opening up new borders for green technologies and investing in renewable energy projects all around the world. Our company develops and manages solar power plants in Southern Europe and is currently expanding to other Continents such as Africa and America. To achieve this, our firm has consolidated essential business links with internationally recognized EPC partners and component providers, contributing to a solid foundation of co-operation.

The company focuses on satisfying customer needs, supporting them along the whole life cycle of their projects. Hikari Solar offers integrated solutions in the photovoltaic solar energy field, wind power generation (mini turbines), LED lightning systems, storage batteries and charge controllers.

Hikari Solar services will cover all the stages of a project, ranging from pre-sales to legal advice, technical training and after-sales service support.